Following a program like our Healthy You Program or any diet program teaches you a lot about yourself. During the Healthy You Program I personally learned how to eat for the first time by thinking about what I put in my mouth and what it was doing for me rather than to me.

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Homeopathy for Teething Babies

Babies are the most beautiful things ever. Those first few months after having a baby can not only be rewarding, but also very exhausting for both parents. A baby's first tooth can start to come out as early as three months, that can leave you and the rest of your family very distressed. 

If your baby isn't feeling well, it can be hard working out what's wrong and how to make them feel better.

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Vamos falar sobre Candidíase?

A Cândida, como um fungo, começa como um organismo microscópico que normalmente vive inofensivamente nas pessoas. Mas quando a imunidade é fraca e o nosso organismo está fora de equilíbrio, a Cândida se multiplica e começar a produzir sintomas como inchaço e dor abdominal, constipação, diarréia, infertilidade , fadiga crônica, alterações de humor, dores musculares , corrimentos e coceiras vaginais etc.

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Weight Loss Day 1 - Peters Journey

Guys I have started my program and what to give you all a guide as to how I am working through the program. I want to show you as clearly as we can the process and guide you through the steps of our weight loss program.

For me the first step is to download My Net Diary a free program that will set your calories and allow you to plan your day. See below my set-up:

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