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Our cosy café on the hill epitomises Vital Health Group’s philosophy, a place to grab healthy food on the go, but also access extra support that contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

After living in Australia for almost a decade Peter, finally convinced his wife Renee to come back to Ireland for good. Things had changed, we needed a new home and a sense of community, Wicklow was it and the Vital Health Group was started.

In our effort to get to know the Wicklow Town community, we ended up creating our own - a community centred around healthy ideas and healthy food.

We started with Homeopathy and now we have tow Cafés one in Wicklow and Gorey but we are much more with, Healthy Online Products and HCG Weight Management we decided to bring all together as a group. This website is for anyone who’s health is Vital to them.\

You’re welcome to join us.

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We offer a healthy alternative to your usual grab-and-go fast food.

At Vital Health Café we are using as many locally-sourced ingredients as possible, vegetarian and vegan options mingle on a menu where each item is designed to taste as good as it makes you feel.

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We offer therapies and natural remedies that treat anything from anxiety, mental health conditions, to a mild rash – so you can live a happier, fuller life.

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We believe that everyone is perfect just as they are, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take action if you feel you want to look your best.

We offer a detailed program that will make you look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside.


We’re small, but we’re enterprising. Shop our health & wellness products