Wicklows' Most Sustainable Cafe?

See below our full efforts to help reduce waste.

Recycling bags, bowls, compostable cups and reusable cups.

Recycling bags, bowls, compostable cups and reusable cups.

We have from our opening made a conscious decision to do as much as we can to reduce waste.  We have always used the best practice and its getting better.


Our bowl is cardboard pulp and will breakdown in a compost bin.  Some customers have used them as a base for planting in the garden so a great way to help more.


Our cups have always been compostable as are the lids.  So do the right thing and compost these.


We also will sell you a cup and we have two in stick a higher range and lower price but either will earn you a discount at the till of 10% so worth checking out. 


Bags again cardboard so an easy decision for us and again a simple change.  If you bring your own bowl or tuberwear we will even fill it up for you and have no packaging. 


The most exciting part is we have a delivery coming of Knives, Forks and Spoons all biodegradable and better they are IN GREEN 😍😍😍


One last addition is we have sourced smoothie cups and lids that are Bio-Degradable so the last part of our puzzle complete. 


Let us know if we can do more and drop us any comments and feedback. 


See you soon, 


Renee and Peter