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After the program

Post Weightloss Video Update on what I have been doing since completing our program.

Hit my goal weight and joined Crossfit and intense style of training that I never thought I could do. My weight is perfect just lacking muscle and this is the next goal. The training is tuff but I am showing up and surprising myself at the results and happy to make it through each session whilst getting better all the time.

After our program I suggest if you can get an active hobby as you will now have the skills to see it through. So if you walk then walk if you run then run or like me if a gym suits join it. You will amaze yourself.

I wonder would I have been able to do this if I had not learned the food discipline during the program? In either way with a fully reset metabolism I am hitting new goals and challenges.

Will try to post more and I hope we have spiked your interest in our weight management and metabolism reset program?

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Weight Loss Day 1 - Peters Journey

Guys I have started my program and what to give you all a guide as to how I am working through the program. I want to show you as clearly as we can the process and guide you through the steps of our weight loss program.

For me the first step is to download My Net Diary a free program that will set your calories and allow you to plan your day. See below my set-up:

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