After the diet

I Have Finished So What Now?

When you finish any diet program the next stage is arguably the most critical and here are my thoughts.

Following a program like our Healthy You Program or any diet program teaches you a lot about yourself. During the Healthy You Program I personally learned how to eat for the first time by thinking about what I put in my mouth and what it was doing for me rather than to me.

As a guy I chose the above photo as drinking is one of the main areas that load calories.  This pic was taken in the Guinness Store House. I know drinking affects your energy while putting major weight on so thought this pic seemed appropriate to sum me up. During the program and for 21 days I did not touch a drop and the strange this is -I got used to it.  I have changed the way I drink; and can now have one or two drinks socially, not several rounds.

I feel the program was like a controlled fasting, a reset. giving up sugar, most fats and alcohol all at the same time was a huge challenge. Strangely though It was OK.  I was all in as anyone who joins the program is and you know what? I didn’t get the major cravings I had expected.  (NOTE- HCG is a hormone chemical in pregnancy to ensure you body gets the nutrients so ensures my system functions on lower calories)

Rambling a bit here but back to the main points, I have completed a program for resetting my metabolism.  I lost the 7kgs, got to my perfect BMI and visceral fat (the tummy bit) and I want to stay here. How hard can that be? Surprisingly simple.  A big side effect of the program is energy and I feel like I have a lot more of it allowing me to do things like Hiking, Yoga and in general being more active and less sitting around after work.

I am not eating a lot of junk food or sweets and as strawberries and apples were a big feature on the diet this has become a major replacement for me. I still like my nights out on a Saturday, but I can make better decisions and live with less and not over eating proving again the reconditioning you get from the Healthy You Program and Diet. I am noticing more and more the beautiful town I live in Wicklow and our Dog Murphy is happy to be getting lots of walks and we are exploring again like the early days of moving here.

My focus is much better as a result of the program and our businesses Cafe, Homeopathy and the Healthy You Program itself are all benefiting from this and will continue to I am sure. I also now work full time for myself alongside my Wife Renee and as I have a better discipline and more energy this has been one of the best decisions I have made in a long time.

I took on this program as I wanted to ensure I was selling something that works, and I can assure you it does. If you want to join us and try this get involved at

You can always drop me a line at and will answer any questions for if you ever want to line up a call to see if this program is right for you feel free to drop me a line and I will always call you back.

We hope to help you and keep you informed so good luck to us all and see you soon.

Peter Martin.

Vital Health Group.