Healthy You Results - Peter

Quick video finished the program and wanted to let you know how I'm feeling.

Energy is great and feeling really good.  The body feels really clean and my results reflect this in the numbers.

Some big surprises for me more muscle so the program really targeted the fat and left the good parts.

Also, my BMI is normal now which is really good.  Weight well that speaks for itself with 6kgs gone in less than 3 weeks.

The next big thing is maintenance and I have learned how to eat calories to a set figure so I am confident I will stay at the weight I want or better it.  I have 1692 calories and I will stay this weight and I can easily do this after doing such low calories on the program.

Overall guys for me the program has been a lesson on how to eat when and how much.  It has triggered a big change and I will keep this up.

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