Homeopathy for Teething Babies

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Babies are the most beautiful things ever. Those first few months after having a baby can not only be rewarding, but also very exhausting for both parents. A baby's first tooth can start to come out as early as three months, that can leave you and the rest of your family very distressed. 

If your baby isn't feeling well, it can be hard working out what's wrong and how to make them feel better.

Some of the most common symptoms of teething are: 

·         Sore, red gum around where the tooth is coming through. 

·         Flushed cheeks. 

·         Baby dribbling more, gnawing and chewing. 

·         Poor appetite.

·         Disturbed sleep. 

Teething can be be uncomfortable for your baby and parents out of desperation reach for the use of pain relief medicines  which contains paracetamol and benzocaine a local anestheric which is rubbed in the gum. 

But the most important question a parent should make is:

How can you help ease the pain of teething for my little one  without the use of harsh chemicals?

There are lots natural options you can try when your baby’s teething.

You can rub their gums gently with your little finger. 

You can gibe your baby something to chew on, like a teething ring. 

You could also try a homeopathic remedy which is natural and safe for babies of all ages. 

One remedy that I use a lot in my clinic with teething babies is Chamomilla. It is particular suitable for whiny babies that just can't seem to be happy they are irritable, restless all the time and they need to be carried constantly. 

Those babies also present teething with diarrhea and usually having one cheek red and hot and the other pale and cool. 

If you would like to learn more about Homeopathic Medicine or require support or assistance for your baby's  health please e.mail: contact@vitalhealthhomeopathycentre.com