Weight Loss Day 1 - Peters Journey

Guys I have started my program and what to give you all a guide as to how I am working through the program.  I want to show you as clearly as we can the process and guide you through the steps of our weight loss program. 

For me the first step is to download My Net Diary a free program that will set your calories and allow you to plan your day.  See below my set-up:


Remember I am a guy so I am allowed 700 calories with the supplements so a little more that the girls on the program.  The next step for me was to buy the food, I did this by bringing my plan to the supermarket and buying most of the things on the list.  See below:


All of this is allowed on the program.

All of this is allowed on the program.

I have started to today and the principle is always the same take your HCG drops 30mins before eating and then 15 minutes before eating take the psyllium husk and with breakfast its a good time to take your multivitamin as well.

After that guys its stick you plan and eat the foods suggested and keep withing you calories. We will help you all the way and you will see a guide and even us doing the program so lots of suggestions and suggestions on what you might eat. See www.facebook.com/vitalhealthgroup.ie

Once on the program you will have access to our support group where we can all motivate and help us all decide what to eat on a given day. You will also see real success stories and share yours when you complete the program with you fellow participants.

Thanks again and stay tuned.