Suns Back In Wicklow - Healthy Smoothies

Green Vegan Drink

Green Vegan+

Get your health buzz in liquid format.

With the days getting longer and the weather improving we love to get our healthy drinks out to you to help you keep active and healthy.

This one is really popular and we call it the Green Vegan+ Smoothie. You have wonderful mixed tropical fruits, coconut milk, spinach, avocado and turmeric. All is blended perfectly to give you a clean healthy drink that is suitable for all.

With the mix of fruit and vegetables here this smoothies is perfectly balanced and feels clean going down. We think of this and the protein bowl as Romeo and Juliet a perfect healthy meal for you to try mixed with a great drink.

Protein Bowl and Vegan Smoothie

Romeo and Juliet

A perfect Pair

Never tasted anything as heatlhy as this in Wicklow Town. Will be back for more.
— Marissa McTeague