Yoga and Food Inspiration


In Wicklow we are surrounded by natural beauty and inspiration.  We have one of the best lifestyle towns in Ireland having some great choices for people to train, relax and eat well.  Vital Health Cafe needed inspiration and when we looked around and talked to our customers we got the idea for the Om Bowl.  Yogis are the best and really are the reason for the latest creation in Vital Health Cafe as we think it captures what they represent.

The name is taken form Yoga and Om is a mantra, or vibration, that is traditionally chanted at the beginning and end of yoga sessions. Coming from Hinduism and Yoga, the mantra is considered to have high spiritual and creative power but despite this, it is a mantra that can be recited by anyone.

For us this is perfect as some a lot of of our favorite customers are running fantastic Yoga schools right here in Wicklow.  All of the schools have been so supportive to us as a small business we wanted to give a dish inspired and for you.  

We hope you love it and it really is O(molishos) and delicious.   

To all Yogis keep Wicklow healthy and moving and to the people of Wicklow who have not tried Yoga give it a go it will change you for the good.