How I got involved with Homeopathic Immunisation


by Renee Martin

While living in Australia I used to work as a chef in a commercial kitchen while studying a degree in nutritional medicine. One day I was talking with a co worker about my nutrition degree and she suggested that I might consider studying homeopathy in the future and mentioned that she immunised her son homoeopathically 16 years ago with Dr Isaac Golden. I was intrigued since she was not the type of person that was into natural medicine and I asked her what made her not to vaccinate her son. She told me a story of a friend of hers that vaccinated her baby and the baby started to have convulsions when he arrived at home since then she decided not to vaccinate her son and looked for alternative options.

Besides telling her friends story she told me that compared to her friend’s babies who were vaccinated her son never got ear infections or common childhood illnesses that other babies have like fever, eczema, running nose and colds.

Subsequently I decided to shift my degree in nutritional medicine to Homeopathy. While studying homeopathy I was surprised to find out that homeopaths have been preventing infectious diseases since 1798 when Hahnemann the founder of homeopathy used Belladonna to prevent scarlet fever.

Also during my studies in Australia I had the opportunity to learn about Homeoprophylaxis which basically means homeopathic immunisation.

While living in Australia I was fortunate enough to study with Leah Golden who helps her dad Dr. Isaac Golden to run a busy practice in Melbourne providing parents homeopathic immunisation since 1986.

Dr Isaac Golden is a world authority in homeopathic immunisation. He developed a homeopathic immunisation program to help parents concerned about vaccinations after he himself also experienced side effects of conventional vaccination with his own daughter.

During my 4 years of study I was able to learn the homeopathic immunisation protocols provided to parents in Australia who are against vaccination and wish to immunise their children in a more natural and safer manner.

Unfortunately homeopathic immunisation also has a bit of controversy; since there are a great number of homeopaths that do not agree that homeopathic medicines should be used to prevent disease. Therefore is not a well known practice in the UK or Ireland. Nevertheless there is vast variety of scientific research and data performed in several countries that shows the efficacy of the practice of homeoprophilaxis and if parents decide not to vaccinate I believe homeopathic immunisation can give parents a safe alternative to protect their children.

Dr. Isaac Golden designed a 4 year homeopathic immunisation program that parents could use instead of the orthodox vaccination schedules. He started using his program since 1986 and during the years he collected data from parents using his program and I was able to provide formal statistical evidence supporting homeopathic immunisation as an option to vaccination. The homeopathic Immunisation protocol matches the Australian vaccination schedule.

Due to his extensive knowledge about homeopathic immunisation Dr Golden was invited to Cuba several times to help the government to immunise, millions of Cubans against Leptospirosis (a type of bacterial infection that is spread by animals). Data has already been released about the efficacy of such study.

There are several scientific studies showing the efficacy of homeopathic immunisation: 

Research Cuba 

2007/2008 The Cuban government distributed a homeopathic nosode a remedy prepared from Leptospirosis disease to 2.3 million people at high risk of infection during a Leptospirosis epidemic. Around 8.8 million of the population was untreated. Within weeks, the treated population had an 84% decrease in disease incidence while the numbers of those infected. In the untreated population the number climbed. The homeopathic immunisation was strongly associated with a drastic reduction of Leptospirosis incidence resulting in complete control of the epidemic.

Research Brazil

In 1998 there was an outbreak of meningococcal meningitis type B in a region of Brazil. There was no vaccine available at the time. A group of Homeopathic Doctors used the meningococcal Nosode to immunize 65,826 children. Another 23,539 children in the region were not immunized. The doctors followed the two groups for 12 months. The efficacy of homeoprophylaxis was 95% after six months and 91% after 12 months. It was a complete and statistically rigorous report and was published in a leading peer reviewed Homeopathic journal, and is available for study (reference: Mroninski C, Adriano E, Mattos G (2001) Meningococcinum: Its protective effect against meningococcal disease. Homoeopathic Links Winter Vol 14(4); pp. 230-4).

In 2001 Sao Paulo, Brazil a single dose of a homeopathic immunisation was given during a dengue outbreak to 40% of residents of the most affected areas. The dengue incidence decreased by 81.5%.

Research Ireland

2012: In an Irish trial involving 112 children 1 -2 months of age, those given homeoprophylaxis  for childhood diseases, including whooping cough,  were found to be less likely to experience severe symptoms of the diseases if contracted than the vaccinated comparison group.

Homeopathic prophylaxis: suggestion for Vaccination Homeopathic Protocol. European Journal of Integrative Medicine.

Research India

2011-2013 India is a known endemic area for malaria. Determined to prevent an outbreak of the disease the Health Minister instructed that homeopathic prophylactic remedy to be distributed in the affected areas. Significant protection was achieved with data showing that higher the number of doses of the prophylactic the lower the number of malaria cases. Those in unprotected areas were 5 times more likely to contract malaria.

The studies above show that homeopathy can offer people a safe alternative to vaccination.

A great point to remember is that homeopathic medicines are not toxic and certainly very safe and there is great evidence that it can help to prevent our children against infectious diseases. 

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